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Frontiers in Optics 2015

977Student Chapter Secretary , Inbarasan Muniraj was awarded the OSA Student Chapter travel bursary to attend Frontiers in Optics / Laser Science (FiO/LS) annual meeting in San Jose from 18th – 22nd October 2015.

The Student Leadership Conference (SLC) sponsored by OSA was recently held in San Jose, California, United States. SLC brings chapter members from around the globe that help us in building a network with the peers and mentors in the area of Optics and Photonics. Following that, we had a technical conference entitled “Frontiers in Optics/Laser Science (FiO/LS),” in which I have attended few talks given by eminent scientists and professors. In addition, I also had given few talks about my research works.

We had a chance to meet and talk to the industry peoples who actually works and produces the real-time optical devices. During that meet, I have gained some knowledge to transform my academic based research works into an industrial standard that benefits the society. We had some friendly meet with some professors in the networking event after the conference, during the dinner time.

As a part of FiO/LS, they also have taken the student chapter officers to the Egypt museum.

Science Includes Me: TY Mentoring Week


Student Chapter President, Laura Tobin took part in the Science Gallery Transition Year Mentoring Week. The Science Gallery received funding from the SFI Discover Program to increase the mentoring weeks offered in the Science Gallery from 4 a year to 9.


Laura gave two introductory presentations into optics and photonics and highlighted that 2015 is the International Year of Light. The presentations on the 23rd and 30th of September which emphasised on the role of light in our every day lives and that it encompasses everything from art and nature to science and technology.  Laura brought along many props and included a number of hands on demonstrations. The students were able to make their own LED badges and UV bracelets.




Science Includes Me

Our TY mentoring weeks are  a fantastic way for our younger audience to connect with us. These are week-long programmes, which run in September/October/November of the school year, with 20 students from different schools nationwide participating in each week. Each programme is developed alongside the theme of our current exhibition with a range of leading scientists, engineers, artists and entrepreneurs, giving students the chance to participate in workshops and hands on experiments, lab visits and exhibition tours, presentations and talks, quizzes and more. Students also get the opportunity to develop project ideas for upcoming exhibitions, and events, mentored by the Science Gallery team and external experts in science, the arts, culture, design, business and innovation.